Oval Traditional Hanging Sign

traditional oval sign projection sign

The Traditional Round Projection Sign Board

The Traditional Circular Projection Sign is produced in aluminium and has a decorative framed boarder made from aluminium extrusion which gives the impression the sign is produced from timber when in actual fact all the components used are made from metal which ensures the longevity of this product as well as it being suitable for external use throughout all the seasons.

Shop projecting signs are a great way of displaying your shop name or services in a way which is clearly visible to pedestrians as they walk along the high street. A hanging swing sign is usually positioned at a 90 degree angle to the building making it much easier to see.

All signs are made to order and so the dimensions of the sign can be tailored to suit your exact requirements which ensures that your sign fits perfectly. The majority of hanging signs produced are double-sided, however single-sided signs can be produced if required.

The signboard is painted to your desired Pantone or RAL colour code before the logo graphics are applied. The logo or text is typically produced in a coloured vinyl transfer or decal which is applied flush to both sides of the hanging sign, however other options are available such as gold leaf, full colour printed vinyl graphics and also slightly raised acrylic lettering.

Aluminium Signboard System with traditional boarder frame

Produced in a similar way to the Traditional Signboard, the circular swing sign has a timeless design suited to most commercial premises and outlets. The framed boarder which runs around the outer perimeter of the sign and on both sides, compliments the design of the sign and which gives it its unique style.

All the fixings used to connect the components together have been well thought out and positioned on the side of the outer framework to ensure the face of the sign is a clean canvas to display the shop name or logo.

Traditional Hanging Sign Board blank



  • Produced in aluminium but designed to look like a traditional timber sign.
  • Suitable for both external and internal use.
  • Traditional boarder frame runs around the perimeter of the signboard.
  • Double-sided or single sided signboards available.
  • Painted to your required Pantone or RAL colour reference using architectural grade powder-coated or automotive paint.
  • Supplied with either swing fixings or stationary fixings to prevent the sign from moving.
  • Compatible with 5 of our hanging wall brackets listed below. Sign can also be modified to attach to your existing wall bracket.
  • External L.E.D. lighting system compatible.
  • Discreet fixings used on the side of the sign with no visible fixings on the face of the sign board.
  • Logo can be produced in coloured or printed vinyl and applied to both sides. Other options also available.
  • Available to your exact size requirements.
  • Typical Signboard sizes range in diameter from 500mm to 1000mm, however other sizes are available.

Compatible with a range of wall brackets

The Traditional Circular Signboard is compatible with and can be mounted to 5 of our wall brackets which range in design from simple pole brackets to ornate and decorative wall brackets.

Choosing a particular wall bracket will usually depend on the architectural design of the building to which you're mounting the sign to, however the signboard design and logo can often play a factor as well.

Manufactured in mild steel, the shop sign wall brackets are fabricated to create the desired style and size needed to suit the intended signboard. The size of the wall bracket will be proportionate to the size of the signboard you're using. If you'd like to connect the sign to your existing wall bracket then we may be able to produce the attachments needed.

All our wall brackets are specifically designed to be strong, durable and weather-resistant for use in varied climates. The mild steel is shot blasted before being zinc primed and powder-coated in your choice of architectural-grade polyester paint colour and finish. The brackets are typically painted in either a black or white paint colour, however if an alternative colour is required then we’re able to colour-match using the RAL Paint colour guide.

More information about swing sign wall brackets  can be found here

Here are some example images showing the traditional sign board mounted to our range of wall brackets:


Straight Pole Wall Bracket Contemporary Wall Bracket Classic Wall Bracket Traditional Wall Bracket Extender Wall Bracket

circular sign with straight pole wall bracket

circular sign with contemporary wall bracket

circular sign with classic wall bracket circular sign with traditional wall bracket circular sign with extender wall bracket


Painted in a range of RAL and Pantone Colours

Available in a whole range of colours and finishes, such as gloss or matte, the hanging sign boards can be powder-coated in a specific RAL colour or wet-sprayed to your desired Pantone colour reference.

Powder-coated paint colours are typically available in a range of RAL paint colours which is a widely used colour range available across most industries where commercial grade paint is used. All RAL coloured paint is supplied by reputable paint manufactures to ensure the paint is as close a match to the colour as possible.

If you are unsure of the RAL colour reference, or if there isn’t a close-enough colour match using the RAL colour guide then we are able spray paint the sign boards using a Pantone colour reference.  

When choosing your desired colour, it's advised to choose your colour reference from a physical colour chart or swatch book so you can get a true indication on how the colour appears. When you view colour references online, they can differ slightly depending on your screen resolution and brightness.

All signboards are painted in an architectural grade powder-coated or automotive acrylic twin pack paint finish to ensure they stand the test of time.

painted round traditional hanging sign boards

External L.E.D. Lighting System

An easy way to transform your hanging sign into an illuminated sign is by using our external pictorial lighting systems. The lighting units consists of two external trough lights which are positioned above the sign board and which projects light down onto the sign to make it clearly visible at night.

Typically produced in either black or white to match the colour of the wall bracket, the aluminium casing can be painted to an alternative colour if required.


shop sign LED lighting system


Making your sign more visible

The sleek and stylish light design houses all the LED light modules and power supply within its casing. Using the industry standard 6000k cool white LED lighting modules, the external lighting system ensures that both sides of the hanging sign are well illuminated.

Designed and manufactured to order, the external Pictorial Lighting System is tailor made to the width of the signboard and is suitable for both landscape and portrait style signs.

The light bracket clamps onto the hanging sign wall bracket to ensure the lighting unit is rigid and secured in a fixed position above the sign.

The built-in power supply unit ensures that the lighting unit is compact and discreet enough to reduce the amount of components needed to power the sign which leaves just a twin cable needing to be connected the the mains.

Available in a range of colours, the exterior lighting case and brackets can be supplied in either black or white to match the wall bracket, or they can be painted to your required Pantone or RAL colour reference.


Logo & lettering produced in vinyl - applied to both sides

The final stages of producing the hanging sign is applying the logo or lettering to the face of the sign. Typically, the same design is applied to both sides however a different design can be used on each side if preferred.

The positioning and size of the logo lettering is usually determined during the initial design stages when the sign was designed on a computer screen and so the final stages of production is simply a case of applying the graphics to the sign board.


Vinyl graphics applied to circular shop sign


Adding The Finishing Touches

For most hanging signs, vinyl is the most traditionally used material as it's relatively cost effective, easy to work with and it's flexible enough to suit most logo designs.

Vinyl is great for creating sharp lines for fonts and accurate shapes for logos. Available in a magnificent range of colours from pale shades to vibrant bold colours, this material and method of production is used across the signage industry as it's so versatile.

Additionally, if the design you'd like to display on your hanging sign comprises of a complex digital image which can only be achieved by digitally printing the design then we're able to print your design onto a vinyl transfer which is UV lamented and applied to the sign board.

Alternative methods for producing the logo design are available such as 24ct gold leafing used to produce the logo, or even individual acrylic letters to create raised letters.


Photos, Ideas & Product Gallery

Please see below for a range of photos which should help illustrate how the above various signage options look when in situ. If you require more photos or close-up photos to help you make your decision then please feel free to contact us where a member of our team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.