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At Hanging Signs UK we specialize in manufacturing bespoke hanging signs for many shops and businesses across Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas of the UK. If you need to display your shop name or company logo on the side of the building or on the front of your shop we’re able to talk you through all the options and types of signboards and wall brackets available.

We have superb industry knowledge in designing both non-illuminated and illuminated hanging signs and we also use all the latest forms of LED illumination to give your company sign the impact and presence needed to stand out and look great.

Range of hanging signs and projections signs include:

Projection Signs and shop signs play an important role in ensuring your business gets seen by your customers as they help promote your brand name. A well designed hanging sign will help portray the right image for your brand. At Hanging-Signs we work with you and your ideas to create the right sign for your business and at an affordable price.

Hanging Sign Services in Cambridgeshire:

Hanging Shop Signs Cambridgeshire

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Illuminated projection sign Cambridgeshire

Illuminated Signs - Cambridgeshire

Projection Signs Cambridgeshire

Projection Signs - Cambridgeshire

Traditional Hanging Sign Cambridgeshire

Traditional Hanging Sign - Cambridgeshire

Traditional Wall Signboard Cambridgeshire

Wall Signboards - Cambridgeshire

Traditional Pub Swing Sign Cambridgeshire

Pub Swing Sign - Cambridgeshire

Flat Hanging Signs Cambridgeshire

Flat Swing Signs - Cambridgeshire

Round Hanging Shop Sign Cambridgeshire

Circular Swing Signs - Cambridgeshire

Hanging Sign Wall Bracket Cambridgeshire

Hanging Sign Bracket - Cambridgeshire

Shop Signs from Design to Manufacture

Working with your requirements we’re able to achieve the design you need as well as help advise on the materials and methods of production which can be used to make your bespoke sign.

Whether you have a signage design already planned out or a basic concept scribbled down, we’re able to work with your ideas and put them down onto paper so we can work out how the sign will be made, the materials used and the method of illumination, if needed.

Why not give us a call today to discuss in more detail or send us an email!

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We ship our signs across the UK. Installation may be available in your area - please phone to check whether we're able to install your sign for you so we can calculate the installation costs.